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Trying to get back to practice

on August 28, 2015

After a few days rest I thought that my elbow was feeling better so last night I decided that I’d go to practice this morning. Especially as it was Friday and it would be a led primary series and I wouldn’t need to remember the sequence myself.

At 6.03am alarm went off and I got up, dressed and made tea to drink on the way to practice. I just missed one bus and the next that went 2 minutes’ walk from the studio was late so I got a different bus that stopped about a 10 minute walk away.  The end result was that I arrived at the studio late. About 10 minutes after practice started. The teacher wandered across and told me ‘It’s too late.’ That was it, I had to leave. I felt frustrated at myself and at him. It’s not his fault it’s mine for not making the earlier bus, for taking time to make tea, for not rushing down the road from the bus stop. Either way I’m annoyed that I felt ready to try after four days of rest and then wasn’t in time to try.

I ended up in the office stupidly early and as no-one else was in tried a few poses to see how my elbow felt. It started to hurt after only a few minutes of practice so I may not have managed a full practice anyhow.

Still I’m now in the office, showered and getting on with work far earlier than usual and feeling a bit annoyed with myself. I’m going to try to do the Urban Triathlon tomorrow as I think it’ll be ok and I’ll just modify anything that hurts.

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