Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Yoga in Palestine

on August 28, 2015

I know that doing yoga has helped me get though was has been a very difficult past year. I can’t imagine how much more difficult those who live in Palestine’s lives must be. It makes the worst things that I’ve had to deal with insignificant.

The Guardian wrote an article about a project called Fashe Yoga Centre which is based in Ramallah. It’s a not for profit that is working to train local people to be yoga teachers to allow them to share meditation and yoga practice with the wider community.

It seems like a really nice project, it’s sensitive to the local people’s needs and addresses the potential conflict between the Hindi and Buddhists parts of yoga and the muslim faith that participants believe in. They have women only classes and photos of the studio don’t look that different from most other studios that I’ve been to.

I wish they had a paypal or something similar to make donations as they only list the bank details and for sending money overseas my bank charges a flat fee of £5 so it means making a small regular donation isn’t really practical.

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