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My yoga journey

Algae Yoga Mat

on August 30, 2015

Just a quick post as I wanted to post a link to this article about Bloom, who are going to start making yoga mats from algae.

It seems a great idea and anything that can make yoga mats more sustainable would be great. I love both my mats but they do wear out with use and it’d be good to know that they can be recycled and not harm the environment so much.

When I was in Portugal we visited an art project called Skeleton Sea who work on keeping the ocean clean. One of the art sculptures that they had was a flip flop fish. It used flip flops which take over 1,000 years to biodegrade in the ocean. Surely if these can be made out of algae foam then it’d degrade quicker. It’s an exciting development.
Below is one of the other sculptures that they had a skeleton sea that I loved.


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