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Fidgeting in my rest

on August 31, 2015

On Saturday morning I gave in and headed to the hospital to get my elbow checked out as it wasn’t getting any better and I was in more pain than the day before. I’m now happy that I haven’t done anything serious to it and that it will get better given rest. Also how great is the NHS, I went along to the minor injuries clinic on a Saturday morning, within 15 minutes I was seen by a nurse practitioner, had my arm prodded, was given advice on resting and recovery times and was done. And the fee for this? Nothing. Yep the NHS is awesome.

Anyhow back to the point, I have to rest my arm and not put weight through it. No handstands, no downward dog, no yoga classes. I’m trying really hard to rest and I have cancelled all my classes for the rest of this week. It’s going to be difficult but I’ve got a weekend of training starting on Friday and I want to be better for that. However I’m getting fidgety already, I’m usually a highly active person so enforced rest when I’m not actually ill or physically unable to move is never easy for me. My plan to get round this and to help me not feel so useless is to try doing the ashatanga standing sequence tonight along with some forward fold stretches. I won’t to any sun salutations or vinyasa between stretches but I can still do something. I’m not sure what other poses I can safely do but I’ll have a try and see. Maybe one arm planks might be worth a try to get my left side stronger.

I’m also going to go for a run tomorrow morning to get rid of some energy and I hope that that’ll help for later in the week.

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