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Yoga Training without becoming a Yoga Teacher

on September 2, 2015

I found this article on the Wall Street Journal entitled, ‘Why Everyone is a Yoga Teacher?’ very interesting. I agree with it and from my experience what it says is true. I understand the desire to do yoga teacher training with no plan to teach but as a way of getting deeper into practice and have a better understanding of the things behind yoga.

When I was looking for Aerial Yoga courses to enable me to have more in-depth training, there was nothing that wasn’t teacher training. I’m not saying that I didn’t really enjoy the course and that it’s not been really helpful but if I had the choice I probably wouldn’t have done a teacher training course this year. I’ve already decided that I’m not going to start teaching until next year due to rest of life commitments.

In a way I wish that there were more intensive courses that you could do that allow the practical elements, the spiritual aspects of yoga and the deeper practice to be explored without needing to go to teacher training. Yoga Scotland do a Foundation Course that is 60 hours long and I think would be useful at expanding my yoga knowledge. The course description is as follows,

The Yoga Scotland Foundation Course is a 60-hour course is designed to explore yoga in more depth than in an average class and to expand and consolidate personal practice. The course offers a chance to experience many aspects of yoga, including a wide range of asanas, pranayama, concentration, and meditation as well as topics such as the history of yoga, and the different paths and schools of yoga. It is offered for students who wish to develop their knowledge of yoga further and it is also a prerequisite for those wanting to train as teachers, prior to taking the teaching diploma course

In a way Yoga Scotland use the foundation course as a kind of introduction to their teacher training programme, which I think is a good thing and ensures that teachers have a good understanding of the commitment needed before they start the full teacher training programme.

This course also has a requirement that you have attended two years of regular yoga classes and although I’ve done more than two years of yoga I’ve only really been going to regular classes this year. Unfortunately the next course starting this month is already full or I’d have put in an application and seen if they’d let me join without the two years of practice. Maybe it’s something that I’ll look at for next year.

One response to “Yoga Training without becoming a Yoga Teacher

  1. ruthricks says:

    That foundation course sounds fantastic! It would be so helpful to so many who want to deepen their practice without the commitment of a teacher training!


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