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Confidence in yoga gear

on September 3, 2015

I think one of the things that going to yoga more regularly has made me realise is that I don’t really care what other people think of what I’m wearing. Don’t get me wrong I still want to wear nice clothes and look nice. I certainly am not changing my mind that in leggings you should not be able to tell what colour underwear I’m wearing and generally a tunic, dress, long top or sweater should be worn over them when not doing exercise. Also buying the correct size and not wearing something that is too small is a must and baggy or ill fitting leggings get thrown out.

What I am changing my mind about is caring what other people think. I now travel on the bus to yoga in the mornings in leggings, a vest top and a jacket over the top. As it’s currently warm enough I’m not wearing a long jacket. I’ve decided to not wear my usual skirt, shorts or dress on top of leggings as it’s just more stuff to carry for the rest of the day and I already have enough to bring. I also then happily walk down to my office in the same outfit and then on the occasion that someone else was in the shower I had breakfast and checked my e-mails in the office wearing it. Generally there are only three or four other people in the office that early but I’m still letting my colleagues see me in leggings and a vest top and not minding what they think. This is generally my look upon arriving at work post yoga, and also shows how much stuff I carry to class/work.

Even outside of yoga I’m becoming more comfortable in wearing leggings and cool patterned tights. I’ve worn some really bright patterns to work under a black dress or something plain and I’ve had quite a few compliments on them. I always have loved bright colours and interesting patterns. I’m currently writing this at work (over lunch) wearing a white and blue leaf patterned dress with a baby blue cardigan over the top so I very much embrace the colour blocking thing with work wear even without colourful leggings.

I think it’s important to have good body confidence and I’m trying to express that through what I wear and not worrying too much about how other people perceive me.

One response to “Confidence in yoga gear

  1. erikayoga says:

    Love yoga style!! I practice yoga daily and I also want to be comfortable so I dress up my yoga gear and then change into other yoga gear after practice. You go girl!


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