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Self Rolling Yoga Mat

on September 10, 2015

I’m a big fan of innovation and love a Kickstarter with new technology so I love that this project for a Self Rolling yoga mat is currently running.

It seems a very silly project and it’s not an issue that I have with my mat. I don’t find that the 30 seconds that it takes to roll my mat and put a strap on it stops me from practicing. Also $121 (or ~£78) that it’d be to get delivered to the UK is too much for a mat that I can’t feel and try before buying it.

They’ve got the majority of the funding (90%) with 36 days to go so I think there are people that are willing to buy it at least for the gimmick of being able to turn over their mat at the end of class and it roll up.

Still the video is nice…

One response to “Self Rolling Yoga Mat

  1. […] months ago I wrote about a Kickstarter project for a Self Rolling Yoga mat by YoYo. At that time it had 90% of the funding […]


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