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Sunrise Yoga at Canning Street

on September 17, 2015

This week I tried a different morning yoga class at Canning Street Yoga. It is called Sunrise Yoga and runs from Tuesday to Thursday at 7am to 8am. It’s taught by Lee who I’ve been to Vino Vinyasa classes taught by before. He’s very chilled and I like his style of teaching.

The class usually has between three and five people attending but on Wednesday morning it was just me. It was really good getting a one to one lesson but it meant I had to work hard and couldn’t relax out if poses early or cheat in lasy habits. It’s a good thing.

I really enjoyed the class but I think a led class requires more focus early in the morning verses a Mysore practice as once you know the sequence it’s almost automatic, or at least the first sun salutations had started to feel like that. The other advantages of Mysore classes is that you start as soon as you arrive and complete your practice depending on where you are in your practice and can take short breaks between moves as and when you need to.

I bought a block of classes for Canning Street so I’ll certainly be back to another morning yoga session. It’s also a little further from work but it still is close enough that I can be there and showered in plenty of time before I start work.

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