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EUYS taster day

on September 20, 2015

This Saturday was the start of a new term at Edinburgh University so EUYS held a day of taster classes to let people experience different styles of yoga. 

The taster classes were held in Teviot, the worlds oldest student union, in the Debating Hall which is a huge and beautiful space. I love that Edinburgh hosts yoga in such unusual and interesting venues. 

I’m not sure how good student loans/grants are but they had a Lululemon pop up shop which had some of the new stuff that I hadn’t seen before. Including new glass water bottles that are very cute. Still it was nice to chat to the Lululemon girls and have a look at what they had. They also were promoting their Sunday morning yoga classes. 

The day consisted of five classes of different styles which were 50 minutes long and all free. They have a good system of controlling numbers in that you get given a different coloured raffle ticket for entry to each class and they only give out the number of raffle tickets for the amount of space that they have. It’s simple, easy and I assume cheaper than printing tickets. 

I went to the 11am class which was an Iyenga class lead by Emma. It’s a different, slower style from my usual vinyasa and ashtanga classes but it was very good to have such detailed descriptions and demonstrations of each pose.
The class was very full and quite a few people didn’t have mats and were using towels (and not even yoga towels with grips). I got a bit annoyed at the start of class as I was at the edge of the room, next to where some people were putting there bags. At least two people stepped on my mat in shoes which is a major no, in my opinion but if it was there first ever class then meh maybe they didn’t know better. It’s great that they try to get people to try it and if it helps get more people into yoga then great. Also there is something really nice about practicing with 80 others in a different venue. 

The EUYS is open to non-student members and their classes are taught by really good teachers and are very cheap but are busy and generally very large. I don’t think they’re that good for complete beginners but for those with some experience it’s a great way to practice. 

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