Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Back on my mat

on October 2, 2015

After a week off yoga due to travel and other commitments I’m getting back on the mat in a big way over the next few days. My plans for yoga over the weekend includes,

Tonight I’m going to a Forrest Yoga Workshop with Jambo at Lululemon. That’s assuming that I get away from work in time and I get a space, as I’m sure it’ll be very popular. He’s a really good teacher who I attended his last workshop at Lululemon, which was a bit more intensive that I thought and I ended up doing splits training at so I’ve got proper yoga gear with me this time.

On Sunday Sweaty Betty have restarted Sunday classes so I’m going to book in and go to that. It’s a really nice community at the class. One of the other girls in class sent me a message to let me know that it was happening again and that last week there were only four people there.

Monday bring the Art of Scent and Sunset Yoga at Harvey Nichols which should be a really lovely class in an unusual setting followed by juice and smelling and trying the different oils. It’s also sponsored by Lululemon so I might just get another Lulu yoga mat.

I’m also debating going to another yin yoga class that’s being held on Sunday night but two classes in one day might be a bit much.

Lots to look forward to and I’ll be posting pictures on instagram over the weekend.

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