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Yoga at University

on October 3, 2015

I guess I’m lucky in that I did yoga or similar relaxing exercises all the way through university and found it easy to be relaxed even during essay stress and exams. I know that now versus a decade ago there is a lot more awareness of yoga and that it’s no longer viewed (quite so much) as a hippy thing that isn’t proper exercise.

This Guardian article is to encourage new and existing students to practice more yoga and mentions quite a few universities have yoga societies. I’m fortunate that Edinburgh University (my alma mater, and the closest to were I work) has an excellent yoga society. EU Yoga Soc welcome both students and the wider community. They have great classes by excellent teachers and I wish that they’d had this when I was there or that I’d found out about it before this year. It’s an excellent resource for current students and I hope that it keeps going in the future.

The article also links to an older Guardian article on the different types of yoga and it’s not one that I’d seen before so it’s quite a useful resource to be able to send to people. I generally get asked about what type of yoga I do and it’s quite difficult to explain the different types and why I like the ones that I do.

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  1. […] written already about how I think that Yoga for university students is a good thing and that more universities should hold classes. This reaction may stop this trend […]


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