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Two Classes in One Day

on October 7, 2015

On Sunday I continued my weekend of yoga with two classes, the first time that I’d done two in a day except when on holiday and then followed the second class with an acrobatics training session. I slept well on Sunday night as a result but wasn’t too exhausted so I’d do it again.

The first was at Sweaty Betty, they have continued the Sunday morning restorative classes which were held over the summer into winter. The teacher is called Elle and she’s really relaxed and usually runs a little late (with a coffee in hand). It was a nice flow of mainly seated and lying down poses with an emphasis on opening the hips. I generally have very tight hips and actually tore my hip flexor about a year and half ago so occasionally have issues with it. This was very relaxed and a nice Sunday morning stretch.

The only thing that I’m going to have a moan about is that Sweaty Betty have changed the booking system, so that you can only book the day before, so on Saturday for a Sunday class. This is fine and it means that they get fewer cancelations and people not showing up than when they opened booking 6 days before but it means that it’s not easy to see what classes are being held. Especially as they are changing the classes currently and it’s not clear what is happening on what day it would be good if the full week’s timetable was online and the booking only opened the day before.

I also find it really odd that the Sunday morning Sweaty Betty class is rarely full, usually there are about 8 of us but the Lululemon class that runs at the same time just down the road is usually full or very nearly and there isn’t nearly as much space there. Still maybe people don’t know that it’s free and that you just need to book in the day before.

The second class that I did on Sunday was Restorative Flow with Rhian as part of Edinburgh University Yoga Society. It was held in Teviot Student Union in a space called the debating hall, which is a lovely wooden hall with lots of interesting panelling. It’s the same space that classes were in for the Yoga taster day. It’s a really slow relaxing class with lots of stretches and almost yin length holds. I’m going to start bringing along an extra mat with me. The teacher doesn’t have enough (she brings about 10) for the number of people who turn up without one and I hate to think how difficult it must be to do moves on wooden floors.

I have also started to take my scarf that I have with me to my mat and to use it to wrap around my shoulders during savasana. I think it’s helping me focus inwards and not worry about my arms getting cold as I usually practice in a vest top, plus it’s not quite as bulky as taking a blanket with me that I usually grab off the sofa if I’m practicing at home.

One response to “Two Classes in One Day

  1. Hey there! How funny we both did this within days of each other. Hope all is well 🙂


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