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What Colour is your Yoga Mat?

on October 9, 2015

Another blog that I follow linked to this article from last year about What Color yoga mat is best for you? It tells you about what your choice in mat colour says about you and your practice.

I have two yoga mats. An orange Gaiam one that I bought as it had good reviews and I like the colour and two grey Lululemon ones that I got given at different events (that are very thin but good on carpet)

According to the article the fact that I have an orange mat means,

ORANGE – Orange mat people are balanced, warm, and enthusiastic. They have brought along Sweet Chili Yogi Tea to class to share with everyone. A little (or maybe a lot) flamboyant, they have oodles of friends.
Yama: Asteya — Non-Stealing; Oranges have plenty to give and love to do so.
Cat/Cow with Lion’s BreathUrdhva Dhanurasana (Upward Bow/Wheel), andPincha Mayurasana (Peacock).
Chakra: Sacral – Relationships + Sexuality.


I’m not sure that it quite fits with me fully but I generally am warm and enthusiastic and try to share with everyone. I’m not that flamboyant and I’ve got a close group of friends that I’m very loyal to.

GRAY – You are subtle, sleek, and dignified. Gray is the color of winter skies and the water along rugged coastlines. You value security, minimalism, and independence. Perhaps you are a lone wolf, happily at peace in solitude, but able to enjoy the company of others on occasion.
Yama: Brahmacharya — Moderation.
Poses: Paschimottanasana (Forward Bend)Dolphin, and Garudasana (Eagle).

The mat that I didn’t choose is surprisingly not that accurate except that I value security.


What does your mat colour say about you?

One response to “What Colour is your Yoga Mat?

  1. Interesting. Mine is green and blue, but I’ve been looking at orange and pink (with the amount of hot yoga I want to do, one really isn’t enough…it never dries in time when I wash it!)


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