Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

The Art of Scent

on October 10, 2015

My weekend of yoga finished with one of the more unusual classes that I’ve been to in a while. A sunset yoga class on the top floor of Harvey Nichols sponsored by Lululemon and Yogandha, a scented oil company. 
My ticket hadn’t arrived before the event due to my postman being useless so I got there super early so go changed and sat and drank some water before class started. 

The area that we were in is usually a restaurant which has amazing views over the city and we were lucky in that it was a nice evening so the doors were able to be kept open for most of the class. 

The class was taken by Demelza, who is a Lululemon ambassador and a really talented teacher. The theme of the class was indulgence and relaxation. The first half of the class was a regular vinyasa class and moving with the breath. The second half was much slower to almost a yin type class. It was really enjoyable and a relaxing class. 

At the end of the yoga the founder of Yogandha gave a talk about the different oils and how she developed them. It was interesting and her passion came across well. They smell delicious and most people got at least one to take home with them to use. I liked the balancing oil but need to go back to pick it up as my ticket is redeemable against the purchase. 

Harvey Nichols also served herbal tea and juice after class. It was really refreshing and a nice touch. They are planning on holding more yoga classes in the space and I’d go along along as the view from the mat was great. 

Also as the event was sponsored by Lululemon they gave us the mats to keep so I’m now back up at three mats but the new one is very thin so only really suitable for using on carpet or outdoors. It’ll work for taking to the Sunday class to lend to someone who doesn’t have a mat. 

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