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My yoga journey

Journey to Wild Thing

on October 14, 2015

On Monday there was the first of two special classes at Sweaty Betty with Karen from Meadowlark Yoga with the theme of Wild Thing. Karen has done a series of videos for Sweaty Betty’s instagram page of exercise to do to help build strength to be able to do Wild Thing correctly and with strength and not just flopping over into it.

The class was only announced a few days in advance and I don’t think many people knew about it, which would explain why only 6 of us were there and one was a friend who I told about it at lunchtime on Monday. As such it was really focused and we got lots of adjustments and adaptations for injuries and different body shapes etc.

The first part of the class was a more normal ashtanga class and we did the full standing sequence. I realised that I miss doing this and although I don’t think I’m quite ready to go back to trying to do Mysore classes every morning I need to find a led ashtanga class to fit into my schedule, which may be more of a challenge than I think it will be as it turns out I’ve got quite busy with yoga, acrobatics and other classes. Plus the minor thing of moving house in a month.

Anyhow back to the class, after doing the standing sequence we didn’t go onto the normal astanga seated postures and instead we worked on the exercises to build up to doing Wild Thing. We made it up to day four of the videos which is side plank with the arm extended and rolling to the other side.

It’s a lot harder than it seems to keep both feet together and it makes you engage your core so much more.

The class then moved onto some hip stretches and half shoulder stands with toe exercises before savasana. It was a really nice class and I enjoyed trying the new exercises, which we were given as homework before the next class on the 26th October. I’m sure that more people will find out about the class and it won’t be quite so easy to be booked into.

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