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My yoga journey

Focusing on Meditaion

on October 16, 2015

One part of yoga that I’ve struggled with has been meditation. I’m not very good at staying still and clearing my mind so I find guided meditation much easier than silent meditation but I’m working towards that. When I was on my yoga retreat in Portugal there were daily mediation sessions before yoga class that I went to a few of. There were different types and styles each day and it was interesting to try things out but I still struggled with clearing my mind.

Since I’ve got back I took part in a meditation class at Lululemon which I really enjoyed but I haven’t made it to one of Jennifer’s classes yet but I have been working on meditating more. I wouldn’t say that I’m managing every day but at least four times a week I’m doing a short 5 minute or less guided meditation before going to bed.

The Yoga by Candace App has very good exclusive content that includes short meditation exercises that are perfect for this. This week’s meditation was focusing on what you want more of in your life. For me this was an interesting thought as I can be quite negative and focus on what I want less of or what I don’t want in my life. It took me most of the meditation to think of what I do want more of in my life that wasn’t purely materialistic. I think most people would agree that ideally they’d like more money, a car that they didn’t worry about it breaking down and a few other materialistic things like that but that’s not what I wanted to focus on. Instead I’ve decided that this week I’m going to meditate on becoming more welcoming.

I know that I can come across as quite shy and quiet when people first meet me and sometimes this is taken as me being unwelcoming and I have been told that sometimes it seems like I don’t want to talk to new people. I’m helping out at an event on Saturday which I will meet lots of new people at and I’m aiming on coming across as more welcoming. I think its a good thing to meditate on.

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