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Stand Up Paddleboarding 

on October 25, 2015

On Saturday I along with five other lovely ladies, went Stand Up Paddleboarding on the Union Canal. It was super fun and something that I’d wanted to try since first seeing SUP yoga poses. 

The place that we did it was called Bridge 8 Hub. They are a community organisation and some of the proceeds from our booking have gone towards them taking a group of local kids to Canada next summer. 

We took a paddle down the canal and attempted to work out how to go in a straight line. It was really calming and I loved paddling. 

Towards the end of the session when we were back near the cars I tried some yoga moves. The board was realatively stable but there wasn’t much flat space to balance so I’m not sure more advance moves would work on this board. 

I had a go at a headstand but didn’t quite make it up as I was sure I would fall off if I went up. The water was too cold to purposefully fall in but maybe next time. 


It was really relaxing and a nice area  to explore. We all agreed that we’d be back again to try it in the spring if not before. 

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  1. […] come in cycles and this week has been one of those weeks. Last Saturday I organised a group on a Stand Up Paddle boarding session and at the end I did some yoga. It was really good fun and I decided that I would try to go […]


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