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More SUP

on October 30, 2015

Sometimes things come in cycles and this week has been one of those weeks. Last Saturday I organised a group on a Stand Up Paddle boarding session and at the end I did some yoga. It was really good fun and I decided that I would try to go again.

On Monday I got the weekly email from Edinburgh University Yoga Society and they have organised a SUP and yoga session for this Saturday morning. I didn’t have anything planned so of course I signed up. It’s with Wilderness SUP, who run different trips in and within about an hour’s drive of Edinburgh. I’m looking forward to trying it again especially as they seem to use inflatable SUP’s rather than the solid SUP’s that I tried at Bridge 8 Hub.

My understanding is that we’ll do 45 minutes of SUP and then a 45 minute class on the shore. I’m hoping that we at least get to try some moves on the boards. I found this list of 7 beginner moves and I was planning on trying some of them next time I went so I’ll try at least one tomorrow but maybe not quite crow pose yet.

I think that even without the yoga aspect I’m considering taking up SUP as a new hobby (yes because I need more things to fill my spare time). This time I’m doing what one of the other girls did and taking a hot water bottle wrapped in my towel so that I have a warm towel for afterwards. Plus my thermos of tea will be coming with me.

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