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Oil Pulling Update

on November 12, 2015

So at the recommendation of my dentist I am currently trying oil pulling to help with some gum issues that I have. I ordered coconut oil online and it arrived a few days ago.

Before my coconut oil arrived I tried doing it with vegetable oil and it didn’t taste very nice and I ended up with a very oily mouth at the end even after brushing my teeth. I certainly find it easier with coconut oil as it gradually melts in my mouth and doesn’t taste weird. I’m currently doing about 7 minutes having started doing 5 and working towards doing 15 minutes. It’s quite easy to do and I think my gums are healthier and bleeding less but this might also just be me paying more attention to brushing and flossing properly.

I’m still not sure about it and if it’ll work long term but I’m sticking with it for the next five weeks and will let my dentist help me decided if it’s making a difference.

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