Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Too Busy for Yoga

on November 17, 2015

This past week has been super hectic. I got the keys to my new flat on Friday and then on Saturday moved all of the stuff down three flights of stairs, along the road and back up three flights of stairs.


I’m loving my new flat and it’s a great space. I especially love that I have an original art deco fireplace in the kitchen. Is it not beautiful? I can’t wait to strip off the paint and let the detail come out.

Still it’s meant that I haven’t done any yoga this week and it’s helped me rest and hopefully my elbow recover. It’s been a bit achey the past few days but that might be from carrying lots of boxes.


I have managed a few meditations to help me relax especially on Saturday night when my brain was running with all the things that I needed to do on Sunday and I was completely exhausted. I’ve really felt the benefit of the Yoga by Candace app and if you’ve not already downloaded it then I’d recommend doing so.

Either way all three of you yoga mats are now unpacked so I’m aiming to get back on them shortly even if it’s only for a quick 15 minutes practice.

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