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Mind Calm Meditation Workshop

on December 18, 2015

Last Saturday I attended a one day workshop on the Mind Calm Meditation method of meditation. It was a good experience and something that I’ve been meaning to expand within my practice. I enjoy the short meditations that I do as part of yoga and I wanted to expand it further.

The workshop itself was ok. The space was a little cold as there were issues with the heating and the teacher, Laura, I don’t think has taught the course before. She was ok but it seemed a little disorganised.

The technique itself wasn’t that revolutionary from things that I’ve done before but it was good to have the space to try different meditations and to actually take the time to do four long mediations in a day. I’m not sure that it’s a method that I’ll use longer term but it was a good start to re-introducing meditation into my practice.

I’m hoping to keep it up and to try to practice at least once a day for 5 minutes. It’s a small goal but I think anything more that that currently would be unachievable.

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