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My yoga journey

Introduction to Forrest Yoga

on January 6, 2016

On Saturday Meadowlark Yoga had an open day, they have three a year and they are a great way to try new teachers and styles of yoga. I went along to an Introduction to Forrest Yoga class.


I’ve tried a few Forrest Yoga classes, mainly workshops at Lululemon taught by Jambo so it was interesting to try a normal class. The class was taught by Janet, who I keep bumping into since I first met her as my partner at Sainna’s handstand class.

She’s a really lovely teacher and has a super relaxed style. It was a short 45 minute class but it still gave a good idea of the main fundamentals of Forrest Yoga and the techniques in general. I enjoyed the class and once I’ve finished my current block of classes in March I’m going to see if I can add a block of beginners Forrest Yoga classes into my schedule.

After class a friend and I went to nearby Hula for coffee and cake but as it’s a juice bar they do warm juice. So I went for a Apple Pie, it’s apple, cinnamon, lemon and ginger. It was very refreshing and as it had ginger in woke me up as much as a coffee would have. I’m certainly going to have it again.


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