Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Me at Bikram 

on January 7, 2016

Last night I did something that I didn’t think I’d do in 2016. A bikram class. I’ve written several posts on my opinion of Bikram Choudry and I haven’t changed that, I still disagree with the founders behaviour but I wanted to try to see what millions people find so good about the classes. Plus one of the deal websites had an offer for a  20 day pass for only £10 so I figured if I only went to one class it wouldn’t be more expensive than any other class.

It was super sweaty but I didn’t find it too hot which is odd for me. It’s very different from my usual ashtanga classes both in format and teaching style. I found it very odd doing a mini savasana at the end of the standing sequence. I did however enjoy it and as I have a 20 day pass, I’ll be going back to more classes over the next few weeks.

I was very dehydrated after class and that was with drinking 750ml during class and another 750ml on the way home. I think for next time I need to make sure I’m more hydrated before hand.

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