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Bikram/Hot Yoga Tips

on January 9, 2016

I’ve read quite a few lists of tips/things to remember when starting Hot or Bikram Yoga and as I’m starting doing more classes I thought I’d put together my own list.

  • Drink plenty of water or fluids during the day in the run up to class.
  • Get there early for the first class. You’ll need to fill in some paperwork, find the changing rooms, make sure you’ve got everything and you can get a ‘good’ space in the room. It’s easier to allow an extra 10 minutes for doing this than rushing in late and having to ask people to move for you.
  • Take two towels. One for on your mat and one to use afterwards to wipe off the sweat/dry yourself after a shower. I’m not sure if it’s all Bikram studios but mine asks that you don’t use sweat towels in class as it just makes you sweat more so no need to take both into class.
  • Wear shorts and a fitted top. Seriously don’t worry about what you look like. No one else will care. They’ll be too busy sweating and thinking about their own poses. More clothing = more sweaty clothing = more things to distract you from practice.
  • Plan your hair. My hair gets in my eyes and face if it isn’t back in a hair wrap or something so make sure you’ve got it set correctly before class starts.
  • Take a complete change of clothes for after class. I didn’t bring a change of underwear to my first class and dear god this was a mistake. I ended up heading home without any on (but a big winter jacket over clothes so I don’t think you could tell) as it was too sweaty and horrible to put back on after a shower.
  • Take shower stuff. I wasn’t going to shower after my first class as I thought I’d get changed back into normal clothes and then head home for a shower. I was too much of a sweaty mess to do that and really needed a quick shower before even doing that. I’ve been fine after other hot yoga classes but after Bikram I needed a shower even to manage the bus across town.
  • Take a waterproof bag for your sweaty clothes. Trust me you don’t want them touching other things in your bag.
  • Drink all of the fluids that you can after class. I’ve been aiming for at least a liter after class and that helped much more than ‘just’ 750ml.


Things that I haven’t done so much but I’m going to try

  • Cooling down outside the room before getting changed. I found that I was still sweating after I’d showered as my body hadn’t fully cooled down.
  • Try Rehydration solution as well as water. I’ve ordered some sachets of isotonic powder that is designed for cyclists. It should help with rehydration and as they are individual sachets they won’t take up much space in my bag.

It’s worth trying a class to see if you enjoy it. 


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