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Considering buying a SUP

on January 19, 2016

It’s been a while since I went Stand Up Paddleboarding but it’s also currently 1 degrees in Edinburgh and was snowing two days ago. I’m seriously considering making the investment and buying a Stand Up Paddleboard. I’d love to be able to do SUP Yoga early in the morning in the summer.

I really loved it and think that I would totally go out pretty much weekly in the summer if it was just a case of getting in the car and driving down to the canal.

However it’s a big investment of about £400 and probably more.


I’m attempting to be good and not buy one just yet but it’s certainly on my list for things to consider this year. My current thought is that if I am organised and list lots of things that I don’t wear or use on ebay etc then I’d be able to build up at least half the purchase price by Easter. By then it’d be warm enough and also light enough to get out and use it at the weekends and evenings.

I’m also keeping an eye on ebay and gumtree to see if a cheaper second hand one comes up.

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