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Bendy Brewski – Yoga with Beer

on January 20, 2016

A US brewery has started off classes called Beny Brewski Yoga. It’s a 45 minute yoga class followed by a flight (or taster) of several beers. It’s mainly aimed at men and getting them to partake in classes. I really do think that more men should do classes and that it helps with so many other sports. The photos on their facebook page look like it’s great fun but it does seem to still be quite a few women who are taking part and it’s not all men.

Beer yoga

However I’m going to go ahead and say it, I don’t really like beer. Pretty much any of it. I do however like wine so I get the general theme of the classes. I love the Vino Vinyasa classes that Canning Street Yoga in Edinburgh host. I haven’t been to one in ages so I’m going to try to make it down at the beginning on February, once my Bikram pass has run out and I’m not doing hot yoga already at the weekend.

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