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Moving to the middle row

on January 22, 2016

In the Edinburgh Bikram studio, new people stay in the back row with two rows in front to copy/follow what poses are being done. On Wednesday the class was super busy with lots of new people who had done less than 5 classes (the Bikram standard of very new) I think this is as the intro offer is 20 days of classes for £20, which if you started on the 1st January then yesterday would have been the last day of it. Anyway, the class was full with a whole row of people on their third or less class. So I got moved to the middle row. Wow that was scary.

For a start I was wearing short shorts. I love them and they are fine but with a little bit of christmas excess that I’m still working on they aren’t what I would have chosen to pack if I’d known that there would be a whole row of people behind me when I bent over. Still it’s good practice to focus on what I’m doing and not care about what others think. Plus other than tugging them down a couple of times it was fine.

Secondly I hadn’t drunk the full amount of water that I’d planned during the afternoon. I’d gone into a ‘quick’ meeting at work and not taken my water bottle with me. An hour later I got out and it was a bit late to catch up and increase my hydration fully as planned. I really struggled during part of the class as a result. I don’t think I’ll make the same mistake again as I ended up with a headache and feeling horrible, even after drinking a liter of water, half a liter of coconut water and a cup of green tea. Plus some tortilla chips and a mini-muffin to add extra salt/sugar back to my body. Making sure I’m prepared for class is super important.

Plus the middle of the room is further away from the fans. I missed the fans. Even if they don’t change the temperature of the room it just feels so much nicer with the fans on. With the room being full the room felt hotter. Quite a few people had to take a break and skip poses.

The good thing of moving forward was that I had a much clearer view of myself in the mirror. It meant that I could see my alignment better and correct it easily. It also meant that I had a row less of people to see between myself and the mirror so I felt that there was less distraction.

Overall although the class was difficult due to not being hydrated enough before class, I think that I will try the middle row for my next class. Though I will try to get closer to the fans.

One response to “Moving to the middle row

  1. babycrow says:

    ah the dilemma of which row to be in …. I found myself in the front row(!) for vinyasa class the other day. all fine until some arm balance i’d never tried before and my teacher had to turn me 180 degrees round so I could watch him demo it behind me!!


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