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No green in Bikram

on January 29, 2016

Following on from my post about the Birkam Franchise Rule, I’ve been looking into one particular rule more. No Green. That’s it, no explanation, no details, just don’t wear green.

In the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training FAQ the below is listed;


How many Yoga costumes should I bring?

As there are two classes a day, you will want to bring at least 4-5 Yoga changes with you. No bandeau tops. No green.


From various googling there seems to be a few different things behind it including,

“Bikram Choudhury famously does not allow yogis to wear the color green in his Los Angeles yoga center; one rumor has it, he associates green with a tragic personal episode.”
“He says green is an unlucky colour and bans it from all his studios.”
“Green is not recommended at Teacher Training. Be wise when you choose your colors!”
“Bikram hates the color green. Seriously. The offending hue is barred from anything related to the hot yoga empire that bears his name, from students’ apparel to the décor of the 500 Bikram-affiliated studios worldwide. I witnessed this personal quirk firsthand at a retreat with Choudhury in 2002, during which he ordered one attendee to remove a green bandana and sent another in search of a towel that was any color but.”
“Please try to avoid the color green. Don’t ask, just try.”

It basically seems to come down to Bikram Choudhury not liking the colour and it’s a bit extreme to impose it on thousands of others. I’ve had a look at both Sweaty Betty and Lululemon’s website and they do have a few things that are greeny blue but the don’t seem to have any hot yoga clothes that are just green. I’m not sure if this is just that currently green isn’t very fashionable or if it’s because bikram yoga people won’t wear them.

It does seem very odd and I don’t currently own any green yoga clothes that I would wear to hot yoga so it doesn’t really affect me. I had a look in my last class and the only person wearing green was a fellow back row person, who I think was on her second class. I don’t think that I’ve seen any of the front row or teachers ever wear green. The teachers seem to only wear black or navy blue.

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