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Weekend catch up and Bouncing About

on February 1, 2016

I had a remarkably un-yogic weekend this past weekend. I was out on Friday night at a friends but still had the intention of getting up to go to yoga on Saturday morning. However I woke up to this.

Yep that’s a lot of snow for Edinburgh. Plus there are currently road works near the yoga studio so the effort of getting the car defrosted, driving in the snow, dealing with the roadworks and everything else was a bit too much. Especially as I had workmen coming to give me quotes later on that I had to tidy for. I decided to skip class and spend the time getting organized instead.

On Sunday I had organised to go to a trampoline park with a group of friends. It was super fun but trampolining is really hard work. Plus I attempted the rope climb a good few times. I was intending to go to my evening class afterwards but I was so tired and starving that I just stayed home instead.

I feel a bit guilty as I’ve now skipped two Sunday classes but I’m planning on leaving work early to make another class tonight. Plus I used the time last night to cook so I have dinner already just to be heated up and lunch all prepared until Thursday lunch.

One response to “Weekend catch up and Bouncing About

  1. babycrow says:

    nothing wrong with a yoga-free weekend! plus it’ll make the next yoga session feel even more wonderful! love the rope pic!! 🙂


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