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Packing Lightly

on February 3, 2016

I’m getting excited as it’s only 46 days until I go back to Omassim for a week of (hopefully) sun, surf, yoga and a lot of yummy vegetarian food. I also have been considering packing, yes this far in advance. When I booked flights I didn’t book luggage as I thought I’d be ok without it. So I’m attempting to go for 7 days with hand luggage only.

It’s going to be a challenge in minimalist packing, which isn’t something that I’m that good at. I usually do just wear a few items lots while away but I like to have the option of more things. I think it’ll be fine once I’m there but I’m currently having a bit of a stress about it.

I also know that I have plenty of clothes to keep me going but the fact that I’m trying not to buy any more before May is making me nervous. Usually I buy at least one new outfit to wear when on holiday. This time I’m not going to be able to do that. Though I do actually have a very cute playsuit that I bought last year that I haven’t worn yet. Maybe that can be my new holiday outfit.

Plus it means that I can take my time and go into Lisbon on the way to Ericeira rather than needing to be collected if I just have a backpack.

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