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My yoga journey

Learning to love what I see

on February 21, 2016

Starting doing Bikram classes has been quite interesting. Not only in terms of a different type of moments and poses that I haven’t done in ashtanga/vinyasa yoga and the heat but also the mirrors. 

How often do you spend most of 90 minutes looking at yourself in a full length mirror? Especially while wearing shorts and a vest top. Then moving yourself into positions that your stomach might get squished or you silde gets compressed showing the rolls of excess down one side and sweating lots so everything clings more. It’s hard and not something that I’d done before. 

Having mirrors is great for checking your own alignment and being able to see how even you are in positions. It’s that this is me and I’m going to look at myself but that I struggle with on occasion.   


So yep this is me and this is what I wore to class yesterday. As you can see I still have my love of bright yoga clothes but this is a bit bright even for me. I love the top as it’s got a built in bra so I don’t need to wear extra layers. I certainly stand out. 

The other challenge of  looking at yourself in the mirrors is that you notice things out of place or riding up or that your hair is going a bit mental due to sweat and arms next to my ears even if you don’t feel them. One of the things that you try to practice in Bikram (and in all yoga) is not to add extra movements to the sequence, including fixing clothes or sorting hair. It’s really difficult at times but I’m starting to get better at it.
So yes I think that seven weeks into classes I’m learning to love what I see in the mirror. It’s not always the perfect pose or movement but it’s me and my pose as best I can do on that day. Acceptance is key.  

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