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Lunchtime Yoga

on February 26, 2016

Over the past few weeks’ I’ve told a few colleagues that I was applying for Yoga Teacher Training and they’ve generally been super supportive and interested. One of the other people at work really enjoys doing yoga but doesn’t really have time to practice much and doesn’t attend classes currently. In her previous office she and a few others used a meeting room to practice one or two lunchtimes a week.

So we’re going to hopefully start practicing twice a week for half an hour from next week. It’s not much but it’s a bit more that I would otherwise and every little bit helps. Plus at least twice a week I’ll get away from my desk and computer for at least half an hour and that has to be better than today were I have been at my desk since 8am and for lunch walked two minutes round the corner and back again.


Also it means that once I’ve done the first part of teacher training then I can start to lead very simple classes to a few interested people. It should be a relatively low pressure environment to start teaching in with people that I know and that know that I’m only just starting to teach.

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