Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it

on February 28, 2016

This lent is all about mediation and focusing on how I can achieve some things that I want from life longer term.

I’m enjoying doing more meditation and even taking two minutes at lunchtime on Friday to sit at my desk and meditate quietly before starting back at work. It’s helped my stress levels and me to manage better in some difficult work stuff that’s going on currently. It helped me with deciding to go ahead with my yoga teacher training and to ask about starting a yoga practice space at work. It’s even helped with deciding which tiles I want in the bathroom. Yes I’ve been extra indecisive this month.

Earlier this week I undertook a group meditation as part of a more dance/physical theatre group. The theme is water and going with the flow. It wasn’t a long meditation or that structured but it was a nice theme and led nicely into some movement work that is going to take place next week. It’s always next to see other ways of meditation and this have the option of eyes open meditation. It’s something I’ve not really practiced much but I should do as then I could meditate on the bus to work.

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