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Water, it’s a useful thing

on March 3, 2016

Last night I was sensible and went to Bikram but told the teacher that I was still injured so would be missing out a few poses and not going to my full potential in others. She was really good with this and encouraged me to do as much as I could and to back off anything that hurt. It also was the first class that I’ve done with no painkillers and it wasn’t too bad. I’m still having a few issues with full forward bends but they are just niggly rather than painful. Which is great progress.

So class itself was great and afterwards I had a quick shower to rinse off the worst of the sweat before getting changed and heading home. My plan was to have a lovely long hot shower when I got home and then get changed into my PJ’s and have some dinner.

Instead I got home to find the local water company digging up the road immediately outside my flat. At 8pm at night, under floodlights. This wasn’t a good sign.

The water was about to be turned off so I filled a bucket with water to put my sweaty clothes in to soak rather than in the washing machine, filled the kettle and a water bottle. Then I waited to find out if it would get turned back on before I went to bed, while my hair was super icky.

It eventually came back on at 10.30pm so I had a quick shower and washed my hair but it made me thankful that we have such easy access to fresh water in the UK. Can you imagine if that wasn’t a one off instance? That every week or so you turned on the tap and it didn’t work. In some parts of the world that’s the way things are and I’m thankful today that I don’t have to live like that.

3 responses to “Water, it’s a useful thing

  1. So true! Often times, those of us who live in first world countries don’t even think about these privileges until they are [briefly] taken away. Glad you got to experience this and instead of getting upset, you became thankful! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. babycrow says:

    I totally get this!
    We’re thinking along similar lines at the moment.


  3. If you’ve ever found yourself washing a car with buckets or watering a garden with cans, you’ll have noticed just how heavy water can be. That’s because it’s a relatively


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