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Missing Practice

on March 11, 2016

This week has not been a great week for practice. I didn’t make it to class on Wednesday night as I was waiting in for tiles that didn’t get delivered due to a mistake with the courier. I even had friends round to help carry the tiles up the stairs. It’s quite annoying but they are going to deliver them on Saturday morning instead. However this means I probably can’t go to my Saturday morning class at 11am either unless they deliver them before 9.45 and then I’ll have to carry the tiles up the stairs myself and will be exhausted.

As a result I’m going to attempt to do both Bikram and Ashtanga classes on Sunday. Which I’m quite nervous about doing as the last time I did this was the day that I injured my hip. Plus I’m going on holiday in less than a week for a week of yoga and surfing. Maybe I should just skip one of the classes but it does make me feel so much better when I do get on my mat.


One response to “Missing Practice

  1. MuslimYogini says:

    I totally get your worries! Try playing it by ear. Go to one yoga class and check-in with your body, in a deep authentic way, and see if it needs that second class or if your body and soul have been properly “fed” by the one class. Your body always knows what it needs. Sorry for the stress you must be feeling! Glad to hear yoga is a source of comfort and ease for you.


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