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Tasting Meditation

on March 30, 2016

One of the highlights of my week at Omassim was a tasting meditation. In generally the food was great and it really inspired me to try to cook more good vegan food at home. I’m not currently vegan and I don’t think it’s a transition that I’m going to make soon but I really appreciate when it’s good vegan food and I think I’m going to aim for one vegan day per week.

Anyhow back to the meditation. It was themed about experiencing food without your eyes. We sat with our eyes closed and some with eye masks on to completely block out the light.

Then Myken, our yin yoga/meditation teacher, came round and placed an item of food on our hand. Then you explored the item just through touch, then smell, then to our lips, then a very small bite and mindfully chewing to experience it. It was an really interesting experience and reminded me how much we eat with our eyes.

I also had a great challenge of staying calm and not panicking as this may sound strange but I really don’t like bananas to the point that they make me feel sick. I was slightly panicking about being given a piece of banana in my hand and then rejecting it and making a fuss. It wasn’t one of the four things that we tried so I was fine.

I’d like to repeat this exercise again with a different variety of foods.

One response to “Tasting Meditation

  1. babycrow says:

    yes it’s a really interesting practice. i liked the ‘eat with our eyes’ expression! you just don’t realise which senses you’re using lot of the time. glad there was no banana to freak you out though! Trust!


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