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Retreat Typical Day

on March 31, 2016

I’m gradually getting back to normal and catching up with the vast amount of work stuff that needs to be done so I can actually take time at lunch breaks to write posts about last week and the retreat. I find it a good break from my day job to spend time at lunch thinking and writing about yoga rather than my normal job.

By comparison a typical day last week when at Omassim was quite different. The schedule was written on the blackboard in the dining room and most days were similar.



The day started with a cup of herbal tea before walking across the road to the other house to do yoga. Then a gorgeous breakfast buffet of porridge, yogurt, muesli, bread, cheese, vegetable spreads and other things.

Those that were heading surfing then had between half an hour and an hour depending on the day and tide, to get ready to head off surfing.


I’ll cover the surf classes in another post but it was great fun.

Depending on when we left there was time for showers etc before lunch or if we left later it was a case of coming back and eating lunch straight away. Again it was mainly vegan and very tasty.

After lunch there was free time to explore the local area, go for walks along the cliffs or just chill out with a book. There also was a pool but having spent the morning in the water I didn’t feel the need to go in it. Plus it’s not heated and it’s not quite warm enough yet.

At 6.15pm we had mediation class. I made it to most of the classes but not all of them. One day I was just too tired after a particularly long walk and I wanted a nap instead. Yep it’s a hard life on a yoga retreat.

After mediation was yoga and the evening class was yin yoga. It was really nice to stretch out after surfing and being so active. I also don’t think I would have had the energy to do a more active class.

Dinner was served straight after yoga and again was buffets with lots of choice and the ability to try different dishes. A common theme with the food was that often I wasn’t entirely sure what it was but that I liked it and wanted more.

Two evenings there was an additional mediation held after dinner. I didn’t go to either of these as my hip was a bit niggly and I didn’t think sitting on the floor for so long would help it.

The days were long but good fun. In general even the nights that I stayed up after dinner chatting to people I was still in bed by 10.30pm and falling asleep shortly afterward.


2 responses to “Retreat Typical Day

  1. teachmehowtoyogi says:

    This sounds amazing! I am going on my first yoga retreat in June and this post has made me even more existed!


  2. […] Last week I went back to Omassim for a week of yoga, vegan food and surfing. It’s a beautiful space and now my fourth trip here. I’ve written about my previous trips in this post, this one, and this one. […]


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