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My yoga journey

Whole Food Day 3

on April 6, 2016

I wrote this last night and then didn’t post it as I thought I’d have another snack to add but I didn’t. So Today in this is Tuesday not Wednesday that it’s posted on. 

It’s getting really hard now I have serious sugar cravings and really could do with a ‘proper’ cup of tea with cow’s milk and everything. I also had an horrible headache for most of the morning but it seemed to ease off once I’d drunk a couple of large mugs of herbal tea so it might have just been dehydration.

I need to work on drinking more just water. I’m not a huge fan of it usually unless excersising but I’m aiming to add two glasses tomorrow. 

Today I have eaten 

Breakfast – overnight oats with coconut milk, sunflower seeds and blueberries. I’m quite enjoying this as a change from my usual breakfast of oats, yogurt and berries.

Lunch – butternut squash soup followed by couscous with roast vegetables. I know that couscous isn’t gluten free but it’s still prepared by me and is quite a simple food. I also had a ‘treat’ with lunch of coconut water. It’s not unprocessed food but it doesn’t have added sugar or salt and is about as processed as orange juice from the store which I’ve also been drinking.

Dinner – left over vegetables bolognaise with carrot noodles 

Snacks – grapes – less snacks as I think I’m getting better at eating bigger meals so I don’t feel hungry between. 

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