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Whole Food Day 4

on April 7, 2016

Day 4 and I really almost cheated in the afternoon and then kind of cheated in the evening. 

I’m starting to understand why so many blogs etc on whole food and Whole 30 recommend so much preparation in advance. It’s a pain not to just be able to pick up something on the go and eat it. If I hadn’t had pineapple with me today I think I would have cheated and bought something like chocolate this afternoon. 

I had a really long day at work and missed yoga practice again as I had too much to do. I then was much later than I thought home and really hungry. I had to go to the supermarket to get juice, blueberries and oats for breakfast tomorrow. I was really tempted to buy macaroni cheese too but instead I bought pre-package turnip. It’s just mashed turnip with no gluten or dairy but I really couldn’t face chopping up sweet potatoes to cook like I’d planned. I know it’s a cheat but it’s one that I’m happy with as it meant I didn’t do a bigger cheat. 

On Wednesday I have eaten

Breakfast – turkey bacon and eggs – I got up 10 minutes earlier than usual to eat at home and it made such a difference. I had time to eat at the table and to listen to the news while sorting out some paperwork that I’ve been meaning to do for a week. 

Lunch – Mixed salad with cucumber, carrot, sweetcorn, tomato, avocado and peppers. I didn’t put any dressing on it other than some lemon juice to stop the avocado going brown. It was huge and really filling. 

Dinner – turkey steak with turnip mash and broccoli

Snacks – Pineapple 

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