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My yoga journey

Whole Food – Day 5

on April 7, 2016

So I’ll start with the confession. Today I cheated but I think it was useful to show me that I can still stick to this longer term and make good choices when I need to. 

Tonight my evening meeting was brought forward fourth five minutes this afternoon and I had too much to do at work to be able to leave early. It meant I didn’t have time to go home and cook the frittata that I’d planned. The toast veggies were cooked and everything. It was just going to be a case of cracking eggs, adding veggies and stirring for a bit before grilling. Super quick and easy. 

Instead I had to buy food on the way. I think I made good choices and still mainly stuck to my diet. I got cherry tomatoes, carrot battens, celery sticks and some lentil and spinach dip to go with them. It was all vegan, gluten free and sugar free. The dip was made by a small local company that only uses whole food ingredients and doesn’t add sugar, salt or flavourings to any of it’s products. In terms of a cheat I don’t think it’s too bad a one. I could have been so much worst. 

I’m feeling much better in myself by eating more whole foods and I certainly think my lunchtime choices have been much better than normal. I have been eating a lot more pasta or bread in the last few months which I don’t think is as good for me energy wise as a light soup and salad. I don’t seem to be having such an afternoon slump of energy and as strong desires to eat sweet/bad things in the afternoon. 

My new aim is to keep this up 5.5 days per week until my yoga teacher training at the end of April. I’m going to allow myself one day at the weekend and one evening a week off, to allow for going out for dinner with friends etc. I’m still going to try to stick to no gluten no dairy limited sugar during the off days but I’m not going to restrict myself too much. 

Today I have eaten;

Breakfast – overnight oats with coconut milk and orange juice with a dash of cinnamon and blueberries 

Lunch – salad of tomatoes, carrot, peppers, avocado and lemon juice. With a small portion of butternut squash soup. 

Dinner – carrots, celery and cherry tomatoes with lentil and spinach soup. 

Snacks – raisin and nuts 

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