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My yoga journey

Whole Food Day 6 and the way forward

on April 9, 2016

For those of you that are missing my normal yoga musings, I’m hoping for things to be less hectic from next week and that I’ll actually make it back to classes again. The past few weeks have been super stressful and busy at work and I certainly am missing practice. I’m also still suffering with my hip. It was getting better but seems to have got a lot worse again in the last week, oddly it’s happened as I’ve stopped doing so much yoga and started doing more of my physio exercises. My aim for next week is to combine them.

Anyhow onto food, today was a good day diet wise. I think it’s been easier as I know that tomorrow I’m going to have an off day and am going out for Mexican food and cocktails. I think knowing that there’s a reward is always good.

So what have I learned from not quite a week of eating whole food, prepared by myself, without gluten, dairy or sugar. Quite a lot actually. I think that I can keep it up at least for the majority of the week for a month. I’m aiming for 5.5days per week until the end of April. It’s made me feel so much better and have much more energy.

It’s been a bit of a pain to have to be so prepared but actually it’s not too bad once you get started and most lunch/dinner things can be prepped in less that 10 minutes. I’m going to buy more tupperware containers this weekend as I think being able to prepare two days salad/breakfast at once would have been useful at times and saved on washing up chopping boards/knives etc.

So on Friday I have eaten

Breakfast – Overnight Oats with orange juice, coconut milk and cinnamon. I had this hot today and it’s still a great breakfast. It keeps me much fuller than oats, yogurt and fruit used to and is not only healthier but cheaper too. It’s certainly one thing that I’m keeping longer term.

Lunch – Vegetable chilli followed by pineapple. I’m starting to realise that the amount of food that my body needs to eat to feel full is much less than I think. I usually would have had a small packet of tortilla chips with this or some rice. I really don’t need it and other than some nuts mid-afternoon I was fine.

Dinner – Vegetable frittata/eggs and grilled vegetables. This should have been last night’s dinner but I ended up cheating instead. It was very quick and super tasty.

Snacks – Nuts and coconut water

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