Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

What a week

on April 14, 2016

Oh dear, what a week it’s been. I’ve only made it to one class this week. I have been working so much that I’ve been too busy to make it to class. Plus I’m exhausted and know I should practice but I don’t know how I’ll manage to find the time or energy. 

My hip is still super sore and I’m seeing my doctor on Monday to see what the next steps are. I’m just a bit fed up in general. 

My diet hasn’t been as on point this week in comparison to last. I think I certainly have an issue with either dairy or wheat. I ate both over the past two days and as a result I’m still suffering major bloating from it. I’m going to experiment a bit more over the next few weeks to try to narrow it down to one or the other. I guess I’m going to have to make longer term changes as I do feel much better when avoiding both. 

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