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Water Meditation and a weekend away

on April 22, 2016

Last weekend I was away with a lovely group of friends for a weekend working towards a performance at the end of April. It was really nice to have time away from the city and in nature. We went across to the Kelburn Estate which is a beautiful place. I hadn’t been before other than once to drop in for a very quick visit on the way home. It truly is a special glen and really peaceful even on a busy Saturday.


It was very cold with quite a bit of frost on the ground on Saturday morning. Especially as we were camping but once the fire got going and a large pot of porridge was added it was good.


Most of the wood was a little damp so there was a very clever system of stacking the wood to dry out before adding it to the fire.

The part of the weekend that I want to talk about a bit more was the glen itself and the waterfall about half way up. There is a walkway that you can get right to the bottom of the waterfall. If it wasn’t quite so cold then we could have gone into the pool to swim. It’s amazing to see the power of water and how much it’s eroded the landscape and shaped it over hundreds of years.

Sitting at the bottom of the waterfall we did a lovely led meditation about moving blocks in our lives and how water finds a path no matter what is in the way. It was really lovely and I think made me realise some things that I have been working on. I’m not still upset at someone because of what they did. I’m upset at an opportunity that I chose to give up  for them. I can’t change the past but I can change my upset. Plus the opportunity may come up again.

After a lovely day we had a huge fire at night including a thing called a fire torch. It involves cutting into a log and then sticking one end in a fire until it’s lit. Then you balance it upright on the end and it burns down in a beautiful manner. It was very hypnotising and I loved that you could see through the middle of it.


It was a great weekend and I’m certainly considering going back to Kelburn again to spend more time in the glen and further exploring the area.

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