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Injury Further Update

on April 23, 2016

There isn’t really much to update other than that I had some X-rays taken on Friday. It was quite quick to get done, about 15 minutes from arriving to being seen and getting them taken.

The next stage is that a radiologist looks at them and then feeds back to my GP within a week. I then have a meeting with my GP and establish if they show anything. It’s not really expected that they will so then I’ll get referred to a specialist. It’ll take about 4-6 months before I actually get an appointment with one so I’m to keep going with physio in the mean time.

I feel that I’ve not being doing much yoga but then I realised that actually my yoga mat has been out for the past week. I’ve been doing all my physio exercises every day plus a few other yin yoga positions to help stretch out. I guess I tend to think that if I’m not doing a formal class or video then I’m not doing yoga but it’s not the case. I pretty much have done at least a few asanas every day this week.

3 responses to “Injury Further Update

  1. and don’t you just feel better every time you step on the mat–even if only for a few moments? I know I do šŸ™‚


  2. babycrow says:

    Good that you’re making steps towards better diagnosis. good luck with that. I know what you mean about feeling that you’re not doing anything. When I was doing regular physio, I tried to do that very mindfully and intentionally, using the breath etc so that in essence it *was* my yoga practice, with some simple asanas added on when I felt ready. It just re-frames what yoga is. Wishing you well x


  3. CultFit says:

    You have been practicing this entire time, away from the mat, from the asanas. You have been honoring yourself and taking care, nurturing what matters the most … Your true spirit šŸ™‚


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