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NHS and Nurses doing yoga

on April 26, 2016

I’ve written before about Edinburgh Community Yoga  and the work that they do as well as the Pay It Forward Yoga Festival that took place in February. They have now started running a class in the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for nurses. I love the idea of workplace yoga and think that it should be encouraged in all workplaces.

I know a couple of nurses and they generally are quite bad at looking after themselves. They will eat take away and other conveniences food as after a 12 hour shift the last thing that you want to do is start cooking. Plus when you work shifts it’s really hard to attend scheduled classes etc. So I think that having classes that are just 20 minutes long and in the workplace is a great idea. It’s a hard job to care for others so caring for themselves is a good start.

They now have a donation link to allow you to contribute to them being able to hold such classes and to expand the programme. I have now set up a small regular donation each month, so rather than buying a coffee I’ll give that to them. It’s not much but if 10/20 people did the same it’d make a difference.

I also found this article about how one part of the NHS has started ‘prescribing’ yoga to help with back pain and other minor ailments. It’s got a few interesting points about how there isn’t currently a scientific study on the benefits of yoga but partly this is due to the great variety of styles. I’m surprised that an organisation like Bikram Yoga hasn’t undertaken something like this as it’s the same set of movements done each time so easy to compare.

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  1. Hi nice post – and nice idea – mind if I reblog?


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