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2016 Aims Update

on May 11, 2016

I keep on meaning to write this post but getting distracted by other things or it not quite being the right time to do it. So here is my update on my 2016 aims 

So my aims in January were

  • Do two yoga classes/practices each week.

I’ve pretty much consistently managed this. I’ve missed a few weeks due to injury but I’m being much better at listening to my body and not pushing myself on things at the detriment of others.

  • Enroll in Yoga Foundation Training

I haven’t done this but I have signed up for my yin yoga teacher training. I’ve also bought quite a few yoga books on anatomy, teaching styles and yoga philosophy. It’s meant that I am reading lots about yoga and learning so much.

  • Be able to hold a handstand free of the wall for 30 seconds consistently.

I’ve had to limit the amount of impact exercise that I do so I’ve not been training handstands that much. I’m hoping that I can start again in the next month and see how it goes.

  • Don’t buy any new clothes until May (underwear excluded).

I did ok with this, towards the end I bought a few things but I certainly wore a lot more of my wardrobe that I would usually. I now need to find the time to sort out my wardrobe again and come up with a list of things that I need to replace over the next few months. I’m still trying not to buy many new clothes for the rest of this year.

  • Finish decorating two rooms in my new home.

The living room is pretty much done. I need to get a new curtain rail and hang the curtains and also replace the lamp shade. So that should be done in the next month or so.

I’m also not that far away from finishing the toilet. It is getting plastered on Thursday and then it just needs to dry and then I’ll get it painted.

  • Find somewhere to teach aerial yoga and teach at least five workshops.

I’m still working on this. One potential space is fully booked for week day evenings but I’m going to try to hold some weekend workshops and see how it goes.

  • Travel to three new cities

I’m not sure if I’m going to manage this. I’m using quite a bit of my annual leave this year to do Yoga Teacher Training so I’m prioritising visiting family and relaxing in the remaining time off.

  • Start planning a trip to India for 2017.

Again I’m not sure if this is going to happen. I need to see how the finances are working at towards the end of the year and if I spend more time and money on further training or on going to India.


I have two new aims to add to the list,

  • finish 150 hours of my yoga teacher training.

I’ve got 2 more blocks to do this year and then the final one in early 2017.

  • Lead 20 hours of classes with friends and family.

I want to start practicing teaching and getting things in place for when I finish this course.

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