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Hip update

on May 17, 2016

It’s been at least three weeks since I posted an update on my hip injury and how recovery is going. I had a very good discussion with my physiotherapist and doctor last week and have decided a way forward. It’s become obvious that me keeping on doing most things and taking painkillers to get me through it isn’t working and isn’t sustainable long term. 

The new plan is three parts over the next two months and the first is to only take painkillers when I need them for daily activities. Not to keep me going through classes and fun things. It’s been a challenge but still hasn’t been too bad so far. I’m resting more than I was but still able to do most things. I’ve also started using my tens machine for 10 minutes in the evening. It seems to help ease off the tightness across my hip but I’m not sure if it makes it less painful or not. Certainly tingles going up and down your leg distract from the hip pain temporarily. 

The second part of the plan is to try to do no impact excerse at all. No running, no high level acrobatics, no jumping. Nothing. It’s dull and annoying but I’m working on finding things that I can do. This weekend I went SUP and was great fun. On Monday I’m going to try Hydro Spin, a spin class in the pool. I’m open to more suggestions. 

The third and final part of the recovery is being supper good at doing my physiotherapy excerses. I recapped with her what I should be working on and have done them every day since. It’s not difficult but at the same time finding 15 minutes to do them some days seems too much. I’m trying to keep a yoga mat out in the living room at all times to encourage me to do it plus I have a reminder on my phone that comes up as soon as I get home. 

I keep telling myself that it’s only for two months and that it’s way better than even considering injections into my hip and potentially surgery. Still it really does seem easier at times just to take a few pills and get on with it rather than playing the long game.  Still I guess doing yoga should have taught me the patience and humility to manage my ego and accept that this is how things are at the moment or at least to try to. 

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