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Whole food with a little on the side

on May 18, 2016

It’s been a few weeks since I posted an update about my diet and how I’m getting on. In general the week of my yoga teacher training was both good and bad. I was eating gluten free, vegan lunches, which were all freshly prepared for us and gorgeous. However the evenings were a different story. There was building work that was overrunning in my flat so I didn’t really have the energy to clean the kitchen of dust  cook and then tidy up and put everything away so it didn’t get covered in more dust the next day. I ate takeaway, convenience food and a bit of leftovers from the freezer.

This week however I’ve been back on top of things and am feeling much better for it. I’ve been avoiding gluten, dairy and sugar at least 5.5 days per week.

Above and below are a few photos of what I’ve eaten in the last two weeks, including turkey bacon and eggs, turkey chilli, sweet potato soup, overnight oats with blueberries, bean and rice salad with chicken and tomatoes. I’m quite glad that it’s so colourful and fresh. It’s been really good to expand my diet to include more raw vegetables. I’m eating more meat than I was when I started eating whole. I’m trying to be more conscientious about my meat though and only eating free range or equivalent birds. I also am having at least one day per week that I’m eating entirely vegan. It’s helping me feel more energetic and I’m not sure if I’ve lost any weight as I’ve not weighed myself for a few weeks.

I also have started trying wheatgrass and other green powder added to my morning smoothie. It’s not been that great as I think it tastes slightly like a lawn. I don’t think I’ll get more after I’ve used up the current lot but it’s been not too bad.

The other thing that I’ve added to my routine this week is to try to drink more water. Not with added juice or anything, just simple water. img_0046Last weekend I bought a water flask with a lid and every morning I’ve been filling it up and taking a glass to my desk. My aim is to drink the liter of water that it holds during the working day. I’ve managed it for over a week and I think I can keep it up. It’s amazing how easily I drink this much ‘extra’ water without thinking about it if it’s just there rather than having to go and fill a glass up.

I’m still having the odd night off from being strict about it and making time to have a glass or two of sangria with friends.


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