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Branding and Starting Classes

on May 19, 2016

I’ve been having a dilemma over the last few weeks, I’ve needed to start thinking about branding and a name for how I’m going to advertise classes. In the next few weeks I’m planning on starting leading groups rather that the one to ones that I’m going currently. It’s still going to be small, 3 or 4 maximum but I still feel that I should start having an online presence and somewhere to post information that isn’t just my own facebook page. I don’t want to annoy the friends that don’t have an interest in yoga and I want to be able to keep it separate, especially for when I start to teach people that I don’t know so well. It’ll still be later in the year or early next year before I start teaching proper formal regular classes.

So my dilemma, do I use this website? I’ve already built up an online presence, got an instagram account linked to it and it’s a lovely name that resonates with me. But if I do that then I have to stop it being a personal blog as well. I’d need to remove various old posts and make it much more professional. I’m planning on remaining a yoga student and continuing to attend classes and workshops etc. I quite like that I have somewhere online that I can post what I think and how a class made me feel and my experience of it.

I’ve decided to keep them separate for now and to build up a new brand, which I think I’ve decided on a name for and a friend is hopefully going to design a simple logo for it. I look forward to sharing my professional yoga facebook page with you in the next couple of weeks.


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