Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Yin Yang Yoga with Tribe Yoga and Deliveroo

on May 20, 2016

On Wednesday night I joined 99 other yogis for a one off class at the Assembly Rooms. It’s a beautiful venue usually used for dinners, meetings, exhibitions and many other things.

It was a mix of both yang and yin yoga. So about half an hour of active yoga and then more relaxed poses and holding things for much longer. It was run between Tribe Yoga, Deliveroo and Lululemon.

Though the venue was beautiful, the acoustics were horrible. The speakers were in the middle of the room and as we were up the top end we could only hear about half the instructions. It was ok most of the time but a bit annoying. Especially for one of the girls with us who hasn’t done much yoga before so spent a lot of the class looking about trying to work out what to do.

The class wasn’t necessarily one that I’d do again but it was nice to try and plus we got a nice goodie bag as part of the class. It included a fresh juice, I went for beetroot and apple, a £5 Deliveroo voucher, a voucher for a class at Tribe, a nice water bottle, a voucher for Sodaberg and a pastry type thing. I kept my juice and pastry for breakfast the next day and they were a nice change from my usual overnight oats. I’m not that keen on beetroot juice even though I keep trying it.

I’m looking forward to using my voucher for the class to try a different style of the next couple of weeks as I feel I’ve not tried much new stuff since I got injured.

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